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7 Things to do to Get Him to Propose

Getting a man to propose can only come about when you process the issues that he is indecisive on in his heart. Regardless of his outer appearance, he could in fact have deeper factors why he does not want to get engaged. Common among all men, here are some matters that ought to be done when it comes down to getting him to propose.


Making him feel sexy

When it comes to getting him to view you as someone he may want to share the rest of his life with, there are some deep and important core ideals inside a man's soul that need to be touched on. One of them is making him feel special, making him view that you value him as a man.

This can be obtained by getting him to do matters that only he can for you. How he makes you feel at times, what he's done that others haven't, who he is to you, these are things that can be expressed. Believe it or not men can be deeper than what they exhibit on the exterior, even if they don’t want to admit it or not.


Does he feel desired?

One of the most alluring factors in a soul-mate is when they want you, when they desire you and no one else. This can have a bigger attraction, greater than charm or beauty. It can make a person stand above other people who think they have more to present in a relationship.

Expressing to him how he's wanted by you is another place that can be touched on to get him to view you differently from women he has known.


Illustrate to him you've got further options

This point can demonstrate to him that he isn't in charge of your contentment. By expressing to him how lucky he was in getting you, you can also make him appreciate that other people are willing to substitute him.

Where you don't have to say or do something that would depict you as wavering in your faithfulness to him, allocating less time on him and more with the girls night out, can keep him knowing that he ought to be apprehensive.


Turning the tables on him

Women can unconsciously overcrowd a man when it comes down to wanting to make him open up and be more loving. At times it can have the opposite result and end up pushing them away.

What is desirable at times like these is to in fact give him space, and get him to run after you a bit. By giving him less focus you can in fact cause him to hunt you. Guys want to hunt the one they love; they are hunters by nature and want that room to pursue. By giving him too much affection and focus it is like expecting a dog to play fetch with a ball that won't move.


You are not going to hang around forever, shake up his world a bit

Men can take for granted what's presented to them too effortlessly. When it comes to getting him to propose, you may need to show him that you are not going to wait around for him without end. Occasionally you want to demonstrate to him you have a time limit and that he's not in total control.

This may be done through expressions, but sometimes needs to be supported with more drastic moves. By spending less focus on him and more on further things by yourself or with other friends, that can send out an obvious note that you have a life apart from him and may in fact move on without him.


Letting him know he will be accepted no matter what

Guys aren't that easy-to-read at times. They can face the stress of trying to provide economically for others, accomplishing what others want from him, or an apprehension of failure in life. Men usually don't talk about these things, until they go wrong.

Being a woman who makes him feel that he'll be accepted despite these fears and troubles can make him view you in a different way. This is a move that can make his heart open up to you.


Giving him the correct vision

Sometimes guys are stubborn. Throughout their lives, men have been joking with each other about the downs of marriage, expecting that those who do get married have no life afterwards. As a result, men can have a very bad idea towards marriage.

To counter this, the correct mental picture should be placed in front of his sight. By making him see the healthy parts of marriage, you can remove this mindset. The honeymoon, the destinations you'll get to live, as well as all the further benefits of the connection of a healthy marriage. Without these images to look forward to, he'll never propose, because guys don't do things they don't see as interesting and hopeful.


Getting him to propose can sometimes be complicated. But issues in life that are complicated are only so when we don't fully know them. When it comes down to what men and women want they can be different, but sometimes they can be the same. Be sure to remember these things when it comes to getting him to propose.
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